Messengers From a New World

Author Reyna Aldrete

A messenger is someone or something that reveals or guides us in a subtle manner so we may discover the message we search for. A messenger is at times not what we think it is and therefore can go un-noticed. We must be mindful of what is truly surrounding us otherwise we may miss their message. The message in “Messengers from a New World” is for our children to re-connect with what is inside them, the values that are lost in childhood such as confidence, creativity, sensitivity,  imagination, and love. And learn discipline and dedication. These values that take us to enrich our talents to become genuinely aware of our present. Even though in this ebook it reads, prayer, angel and God the idea is for children to better grasp at the message. Where prayer means the dedication and discipline that one gives, angel is a messenger and God is what is inside us. This childrens ebook can lead us to understand our childhood, and consequently, make us aware of our misunderstanding in our adulthood.