A Children's Short Story of Perceiving the Wisdom of a New World

Inspiring them to connect with the Messengers to discover their talent

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Maria de Los Angeles' childhood environment shaped by the precious company of her grandmother, searches for love. In that process, she discovers herself through communication with a new world, with nature and its messengers. Discovering the magic of love gives wisdom and understanding to the daily life of the girl. Each time she releases one of her stifling fears, there is a wonderful connection that makes her more conscious and sure of whom she really is. By perceiving the imperceptible, that has always been there and will be forever.

Messengers From A New World is an e-book for children ages 7 to 12 with the hope to guide them to better understand nature's messages. The messages the Messengers bring comes from a higher self guiding the child to know their talents and their mission if they wish to know it as well as the love that strengthens and inspires them. The e-book is a short story for children that is 29 pages and can be easily downloaded into any type of e-reader.