Messengers From a New World

Author Reyna Aldrete

Reyna Aldrete author of "Messengers From a New World" is  a self taught artist, painter and writer. As she writes, "My inspiration comes from my communication with my higher conscious. I name it that way meaning that when I am observing myself I am incessantly in contact within myself. Observing my thoughts, feelings and reactions is a constant effort in the quest to know the truth of why I feel what I feel and think what I think in that moment.

Also, I receive inspiration in my dreams when I am making contact with my sub-conscious which is letting me understand how to express my process of knowing myself and then creating a new me in every waking. This is consciousness which embraces all and is always there within our reach.

At the outset, I started writing Messengers From a New World for adults, but realized that as adults we do not believe too easily in the magic that we all have inside, while children are more receptive and sensitive to the magic of  Love. Writing for children, I hope to influence two people, the child listening as the book is being read, and indirectly to the person reading Messengers From a New World to the child. If I had written it for adults, perhaps the child would not be affected. A child's behavior is easier to change than an adult. Once the child knows and demonstrates true Love, the child takes that throughout their life and plants that seed in thers. This is a story where the world is an imagination and where the reality is hidden".