Is an expression of a deep change in the emotional and thinking states. The Fountain of Wisdom represents the light of our Spirit which is located inside of us and the red water depicts our blood. The fountain propelling the water with a strong force reflects the energy from inside of us when we are aware of the light of our Spirit.

The umbrellas represent our arrogance and the use of them signifying not wanting to let our arrogance go therefore we obstruct the force of our power to follow our way to find the light of our Spirit.

The people with umbrellas do not want to lose their umbrella which darkens their sight. They think they must hold the umbrella so securely that if not they could fall without it. And the fall would be so painful they will suffer an important impact and won’t dare to ask themselves, “What are they going to do without the darkness of their umbrella?” They hold the umbrella constantly not daring to analyze and thus change their internal vibration with the light of our Spirit.

The people without umbrella are more willing to feel the light of their soul, so then, are more receptive to change their perspective. They have analyzed their life by seeing inward and observed the umbrella, their ego, provoked more pain, irritation, and anxiety because they did not know themselves.They are already convinced that unless they now do something different like connecting to the light of their Spirit with no burden. They are more conscious of their energy and strength which is noticeable due to the modification of their emotions and unifying themselves.

But what if we analyze that which has never been analyzed by us! We do not know that not putting down the umbrella is the cause of all that burden! What if we abandon our umbrellas? We will see this rare fountain which is the real state of us, the weight will be so light living our life with simplicity. Why not see closely that fountain of wisdom and take the risk of touching it? If the risk is not taken then you or I would regret not feeling the blood burning in our soul and seeing the amazing transformation of our internal vibration creating new genes to purify our blood, liberating us from our arrogance, our own ego.

We start cultivating the light of our Spirit and notice our transformation of new blood with brilliant light because it now has different genes. It could only be seen by each one of us with a unique understanding of the body we have. We genuinely can alter our darkness of ignorance. We can consciously feel the strong force of integration in our new blood, “seeing” with clarity that the force of our Spirit has ruptured the ignorance and started to ignite each flow abundantly with wisdom that is giving the impulse to tear the blindness and to know the freedom of our spiritual intellect.




This painting is the expression of a process change in my conscious as caused by observing my emotions.

The rats are depicting the variety of complexes we have such as fear, greed, hate, anxiety, etc., growing in an occult place inside our body like in a basement as is depicted in the painting. The food the rats are eating in the basement represents our complexes taking our vitality and strength. The window allows tenuous light to enter the basement symbolizing the first calling of conscious.

Even though, we do not like to hear their bothersome noise, we do not want to be aware of our complexes, we ignore and let them develop into something else. Let us say, greediness brings fear if we do not accumulate more of what we want, fear brings anxiety and so on. By permitting that kind of noise to continue, we are not able to listen to the subtle murmur of our intuition which is trying to enlighten our complete being.

The figure shedding light onto the basement symbolizes the self-discovery, being conscious of its complexes. I would like to converse about being conscious of our complexes. We feel disturbing that something is not right inside of us, but we do not understand what it is. It is annoying that it is tearing and exhausting us. It comes from a place that is part of us. It makes an irritating noise but we like that noise which make us deaf because we do not want to know what is the noise. For instance, avarice steals a great amount of one’s vitality and we do not dare to see that to be avaricious is what is taking our food and is involved with fear resembling a gratification, believing that having more and more we will feel a sense of completeness and the fear that is a companion with avarice will again take more food from us. Is not it?

The tenuous light entering our conscious moving us to remove the obscuration of our well being. The first time its call implies if we do not listen completely to the irritating noise and go to the deepest place in us, our basement, it will degenerate into something worse, to fatten the rats. Doesn’t it?

As well as, we do not want to perceive and do not want to search inside one’s basement and understand what type of reality is taking our power and distorting it incessantly toward an insane place sensing complete anguish and resentment. Observing what is inside of that occult place in us, we can start letting go of the misery and feeling free of the terrible noise. There is a perpetual sparkle waiting for us to reflect its knowledge in us and restore us.