Levels of Consciousness

This panting is the result of a process of being conscious which is represented by the bed, the geometric forms with different colors and levels, including the color of the bed, the illumination of the room and the black phone.

With these symbols, I am expressing how we can go from inside to the outside of our own levels of consciousness. So, the bed is the vehicle that we can communicate with ourselves through dreaming. When we encounter our oneself we can see in our dream the uneven levels of consciousness we are in at the present time. When we wake up we feel and perceive that those geometric forms which surround us are uneven. Forms that are almost square others almost rectangular and others almost angular forms like pieces of a puzzle that do not have relation one with the other. The colors do not combine as neither the forms, there is disorder. We should commence putting together our thoughts, our feelings, our intuition and our knowledge in a correct place that can find a way to harmonize the colorful forms, our personality. Giving to the personality a rhythm that we did not know was concealed inside of us. And when we awake into the new beginning we have received information how to balance ourselves and can apply it if we ask our inner self.

The black telephone off the hook signifying an open communication where there is no limit to the time for us to commence seeing our levels of consciousness. To start a sincere narration with ourselves and be willing to accept our state of consciousness and continue the communication with an opportunity to recognize every call from our dreams. Even as we now know that we must have a better transmission between our inner being we have to attend the division existing in our emotions and thoughts. The communicator waiting on the receptor to listen.

The light in the room represents sunrise, morning, a new beginning, to wake up and start a new way to implement what we learned about ourselves. Directing us with our ideas and goals expressing who we really are in relationship with the colors of our own being.