Our Worlds

Our Worlds

This painting is about how our Great Spirit speaks to us.

The doves represent the Spirit which can be felt in each and within our worlds, being the will, intellectual, emotional and physical. Sensing our Spirit within, we have to explore our self and be aware of ‘our worlds’, we have to be moved by the movement of the Dove (Spirit). When we will accept the movement then we experience the paradise and balance which reside in us.

Mundus of Fire: Deep down we can feel a fire burning. A fire that starts expanding inside of us and if we let the combustion happen it opens up our first world in strange ways that we are not accustom to. The embers are always there waiting for something, at times, it seems they are off when we do not let it feel it. It needs a complement, our decision, to burn in its full manifestation. The white dove flying above flapping her long wings feeds the fire by moving the air to increase our Will.

Mundus of Air: Our thoughts are in the world of the wind, moving us, forming clouds sometimes it seems clear enough to hear its murmuring. Other times we feel them more intense and obscure that we can not grasp them because their movement is fast with strong winds that we become distracted. In the confusion, our random thoughts do not let us understand the decision that must be made. As a matter of fact, we start being aware of our splendor Great Spirit and permitting its movement to occur in a different approach aided by the guidance of its intellect messenger the Dove. The Dove of our wisdom directs the intensity of the wrong thoughts to unify them so we can purify our thoughts with our intellect and show us new goals.

Mundus of Water: With splendor the beautiful shining Dove makes its presence over the sea of our world of emotions. Our strong emotions that need to be balanced so as not let them dominate us but the other way around. Even though our emotions are so strong we can prevent being inundated by them. We can anticipate the event of our intense feeling by being well disposed to change the sea of our emotions. We can feel them drawing us as waves break on a reef and cause us a disastrous damage, but at an instant, we can pacifying them with the help of the Dove and the illumination of our internal Sun. We can dominate and put them in the precise movement of the waves. In that precise moment synchronize with the rest of our sea of emotions.

Mundus of Matter: Soaring over the great mountains the Dove flying ceaseless longing to conceive representation of our reason to be physically here. The grandeur Dove gives its constant light, abundant vitality and energizes us in the physical world to help us when darkness invades us. Showing us the reason of our existence that we have to unfold, to expand our world to know where and what the messenger Dove have for each of us. The Dove is giving us the light to our darkness to reach our equilibrium, being caress by our true self our Great Spirit.

Our Dove is the conscious which take us to experience through our movements of our innermost worlds. The touching of our four worlds we will know that we have been moved by our Spirit of Vitality needing to combine and expand our Will, Intellect, Emotion and Physical worlds to find our Spiritual Love, we will be in a paradisaical consciousness. When we feel the touch of our inner Dove, bright spirit of authenticity, we begin to see other realities which our mind can not comprehend because of its limitation. These realities are seen in an extended form of our Mundus giving emphasis to our Great Spirit of our inconstant and variable existence.

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