The Passage – The path to knowledge



The Sun announcing its imminent reality, showing tirelessly the proclamation, prediction, reaching daily toward us with the ideal opportunity to find Knowledge inside of ourselves. This path of knowledge is exactly where we all go guided by its magic. Following our transition with our conviction in the passage of wisdom.

The Lion with its decisiveness and powerful force entering the narrow road of understanding. With its impressive appearance alluring the souls of any religion or philosophy who want to know the route of Knowledge. Lion, powerful spirit of great magnetism beyond the physical and breaking schemes. Going beyond myths and beliefs, to encounter the single truth. When our mind is awed by its own dominion of surrendering to a communication without words, the fascination of feeling inside us without time for thinking or choosing. A presence that only can be seen through the magic acquired by this form of transcendence of our own being.

People deciding to leave behind any myth and belief to meet the Lion represents the dedication to the task of developing the process of the route of knowledge. To find ourselves feeling the Virtue which has integrated us, and calming any hopelessness and pain. Filling us with the special force piercing sweetly our Passage by increasing its vast and subtle presence. Captivating our senses, enjoying it guides us to the success where now we feel totally safe. Where any sacrifice to follow this narrow road will be gladly taken with no retraction. Each time we are more capable and wiser going into the route of this universe and knowing the mystery of the absolute Creator.

The path of wisdom, often we have felt its invitation as a sun warmth passage with a constant call for us to search and discover it. In searching, we have felt it disconcerting because it’s pertaining to our only decision we make without separation of our own passage. Fearfull of taking steps toward our center of knowledge which is for us to explore. However, walking toward this Passage by leaving behind religion or philosophy feeling deeply that it is true and comprehend more about our Creator which reside inside of us. With the decision to step towards the path of knowledge dissipating shadows, vanishing uncertainty and complying well with its ideal proposal.

Walking I take with me the kite, the symbol of the connection inside of me that makes me remember and see with its golden single-mode my route of Intelligence. Keeping me from the darkness without vanity or pride.

The flying kite representing the enigmatic connection with the inexplicable for the mind and the physical world but familiar to the magic of the path toward the focused point where all religions end for us in the course of our encounter with the Creator of our Souls.

The kite rising opening the heart as a link being tied as a complete individual. The body feeling so surprised because it does not know how to accommodate its structural change and interprets it as an enjoyable physical pain that resonates the Presence of our Creator.

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