These old, ruin, dull, ragged, deteriorated and torn underwear symbolizes our souls lacking love with ourselves. We do not want to perceive this, we cover our worn underwear with an elegant suit to give a wrong impression. The intrinsic value of the embellished suit is the necessity of finding equilibrium in our lives, in our sexuality, and love for us.

The clothes hanging on the clothesline depicts being engaged in unpleasant situations which are not for this valuable costume, that must be worn with self-confidence and not needing an approval of its own value. Whenever we decide not to feel superficially engaged and having the ability to free ourselves from the hook, the gate that supports the mass, that upholds the clothesline. Then we know how to disengage from the portal of poverty and conformism by liberating ourselves from insignificant circumstances without hesitation.

When we wear our elegant suit of fine appearance we can feel something is not genuine, inside and outside ourselves, something that is not comfortable with the fancy well-finished suit. Apparently the well-designed suit, made by us, with diverse threads to hide one’s distress. The clasp on the coat is to conceal the bitter embodiment of frustration and torment caused by not loving ourselves, using the ragged underwear.

In order for the elegant attire to be worn the proper underwear must be aligned, designed and measured with authenticity and sensible to the skin. Our own creation being sewn with stitches of profound love and threads with true colors. Where rules and decisions have to be right in the proper combination for us which are perfect to be in accordance with our Soul and life and move with an innate rhythmic balance.

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