Levels of Consciousness

This panting is the result of a process of being conscious which is represented by the bed, the geometric forms with different colors and levels, including the color of the bed, the illumination of the room and the black phone.

With these symbols, I am expressing how we can go from inside to the outside of our own levels of consciousness. So, the bed is the vehicle that we can communicate with ourselves through dreaming. When we encounter our oneself we can see in our dream the uneven levels of consciousness we are in at the present time. When we wake up we feel and perceive that those geometric forms which surround us are uneven. Forms that are almost square others almost rectangular and others almost angular forms like pieces of a puzzle that do not have relation one with the other. The colors do not combine as neither the forms, there is disorder. We should commence putting together our thoughts, our feelings, our intuition and our knowledge in a correct place that can find a way to harmonize the colorful forms, our personality. Giving to the personality a rhythm that we did not know was concealed inside of us. And when we awake into the new beginning we have received information how to balance ourselves and can apply it if we ask our inner self.

The black telephone off the hook signifying an open communication where there is no limit to the time for us to commence seeing our levels of consciousness. To start a sincere narration with ourselves and be willing to accept our state of consciousness and continue the communication with an opportunity to recognize every call from our dreams. Even as we now know that we must have a better transmission between our inner being we have to attend the division existing in our emotions and thoughts. The communicator waiting on the receptor to listen.

The light in the room represents sunrise, morning, a new beginning, to wake up and start a new way to implement what we learned about ourselves. Directing us with our ideas and goals expressing who we really are in relationship with the colors of our own being.



Is an expression of a deep change in the emotional and thinking states. The Fountain of Wisdom represents the light of our Spirit which is located inside of us and the red water depicts our blood. The fountain propelling the water with a strong force reflects the energy from inside of us when we are aware of the light of our Spirit.

The umbrellas represent our arrogance and the use of them signifying not wanting to let our arrogance go therefore we obstruct the force of our power to follow our way to find the light of our Spirit.

The people with umbrellas do not want to lose their umbrella which darkens their sight. They think they must hold the umbrella so securely that if not they could fall without it. And the fall would be so painful they will suffer an important impact and won’t dare to ask themselves, “What are they going to do without the darkness of their umbrella?” They hold the umbrella constantly not daring to analyze and thus change their internal vibration with the light of our Spirit.

The people without umbrella are more willing to feel the light of their soul, so then, are more receptive to change their perspective. They have analyzed their life by seeing inward and observed the umbrella, their ego, provoked more pain, irritation, and anxiety because they did not know themselves.They are already convinced that unless they now do something different like connecting to the light of their Spirit with no burden. They are more conscious of their energy and strength which is noticeable due to the modification of their emotions and unifying themselves.

But what if we analyze that which has never been analyzed by us! We do not know that not putting down the umbrella is the cause of all that burden! What if we abandon our umbrellas? We will see this rare fountain which is the real state of us, the weight will be so light living our life with simplicity. Why not see closely that fountain of wisdom and take the risk of touching it? If the risk is not taken then you or I would regret not feeling the blood burning in our soul and seeing the amazing transformation of our internal vibration creating new genes to purify our blood, liberating us from our arrogance, our own ego.

We start cultivating the light of our Spirit and notice our transformation of new blood with brilliant light because it now has different genes. It could only be seen by each one of us with a unique understanding of the body we have. We genuinely can alter our darkness of ignorance. We can consciously feel the strong force of integration in our new blood, “seeing” with clarity that the force of our Spirit has ruptured the ignorance and started to ignite each flow abundantly with wisdom that is giving the impulse to tear the blindness and to know the freedom of our spiritual intellect.


The process of change


My painting is the expression of thoughts and emotions fusing into the spirit. The emotions are portrayed as the log in flames, energy and thoughts are represented by the other log, direction. The several waves of colors within the heart represent the depth that we can go into the chambers of the heart, the depth of our will. Through the infinite fire causing a fusion and feeling the presence of the Great Spirit as represented in the form of music coming out from the heart to make it an instrument of the Great Spirit.

The emotions which block our love and thoughts distract us from love. Both energy and direction must surrender to the will of love. By going beyond the limits of a constant anticipation of thoughts and emotions and not being permitted to act over one’s will. Taking the contradictory emotions and thoughts to the heart, the heart being the catalyst ignites them so they disintegrate in the flames.

Through the infinite fire causing a fusion as well as feeling the presence of the Great Spirit, represented in the form of music coming out from the heart to make us an instrument. When we discover that we can feel the consciousness of the music of the heart without limitations then we are letting our Great Spirit guide us to know the music of genuine love in our destiny. Genuine love is when we have connected entirely with our own self in thought, emotion, and action while changing our chemistry. We change our energy by perceiving our mind and its behavior, by doing without expectations, not imagining a result of this experience because it is beyond the mind and physical state. To go only with the purpose to know one’s self. We start feeling the ecstasy of pure energy which is the Great Spirit.

My inspiration in painting ‘Fusion’ is from my experience pursuing to find genuine love. I found that genuine love is when I am connected to the pure energy of the Great Spirit that has no chemistry, emotions neither any expectations, thoughts.

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Our Bodies in Disharmony


The doors are the internal representation of our Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual bodies. The tree personifies nature where our soul take physical form to know and to be consciousness of ourselves. The windows give us a glimpse of our acts. The door to the right of the tree with two window panes present us an alternative to harmonize ourselves and tune within us and with nature.

The emotional door with the magenta color pane helps us see our self in disharmony. The intensity of the magenta color and the movement of our emotions makes us see how our emotional body moves if we do not have dominion over them. We can observe thru the pane our emotional actions and reactions which could lead us to have regrets.

Consequently, making our physical door, which has brown pane color, to act also in disharmony. We observe, examine through the pane, our physical body in action which tends to react negatively even though our body reacts slower then the emotional body this distorts the action of the physical body to move in wrong direction.

Furthermore, the gray color pane of the mental door will show us our mental body is opaque, germinating our thinking with dark and negative ideas. This will cause us not to think clearly and making us divert situations making it worse without permitting our Intelligence to act instead.

The door on the right side of the tree is our Spiritual body, when we notice that our spiritual body is not in symmetry with our the rest of our bodies affecting our emotions negatively, distorting our physical and mental states that we get accustom to being centered in gratifying our ego through our senses. Frequently becoming so immerse with feeling superior and unreachable to the good that we can do. Prohibiting us to see our Great Spirit.

The exuberant Tree in its supremacy narrating its environment with the repetition of its leaves and extending its zephyr into the trance. Stimulating with its natural quiet and delicate presence accomplishing the unification, symmetry and beautifully balanced process.

Being harmonious is seeing the beauty of the changing leaves of the Tree. Its immense nature, itself in surprising forms, colors, and textures which we can learn from the tree that we can also change unto the perfection in symmetry. The symmetry being everywhere in our surrounding trying to call our attention. Sometimes the subtle symmetry heard through the leaves which makes us turn back to feel the Spiritual realm, the spiritual door supported by the exuberant Tree.

Without resistance we can let nature take us toward the rhythmical of harmony. Making us feel part of it and interpreting its expression. Giving each one its perfect captivating symphony vibrating into exaltation to harmonize our doors through our windows. Harmonize ourselves with our Spiritual Being.

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The Passage – The path to knowledge



The Sun announcing its imminent reality, showing tirelessly the proclamation, prediction, reaching daily toward us with the ideal opportunity to find Knowledge inside of ourselves. This path of knowledge is exactly where we all go guided by its magic. Following our transition with our conviction in the passage of wisdom.

The Lion with its decisiveness and powerful force entering the narrow road of understanding. With its impressive appearance alluring the souls of any religion or philosophy who want to know the route of Knowledge. Lion, powerful spirit of great magnetism beyond the physical and breaking schemes. Going beyond myths and beliefs, to encounter the single truth. When our mind is awed by its own dominion of surrendering to a communication without words, the fascination of feeling inside us without time for thinking or choosing. A presence that only can be seen through the magic acquired by this form of transcendence of our own being.

People deciding to leave behind any myth and belief to meet the Lion represents the dedication to the task of developing the process of the route of knowledge. To find ourselves feeling the Virtue which has integrated us, and calming any hopelessness and pain. Filling us with the special force piercing sweetly our Passage by increasing its vast and subtle presence. Captivating our senses, enjoying it guides us to the success where now we feel totally safe. Where any sacrifice to follow this narrow road will be gladly taken with no retraction. Each time we are more capable and wiser going into the route of this universe and knowing the mystery of the absolute Creator.

The path of wisdom, often we have felt its invitation as a sun warmth passage with a constant call for us to search and discover it. In searching, we have felt it disconcerting because it’s pertaining to our only decision we make without separation of our own passage. Fearfull of taking steps toward our center of knowledge which is for us to explore. However, walking toward this Passage by leaving behind religion or philosophy feeling deeply that it is true and comprehend more about our Creator which reside inside of us. With the decision to step towards the path of knowledge dissipating shadows, vanishing uncertainty and complying well with its ideal proposal.

Walking I take with me the kite, the symbol of the connection inside of me that makes me remember and see with its golden single-mode my route of Intelligence. Keeping me from the darkness without vanity or pride.

The flying kite representing the enigmatic connection with the inexplicable for the mind and the physical world but familiar to the magic of the path toward the focused point where all religions end for us in the course of our encounter with the Creator of our Souls.

The kite rising opening the heart as a link being tied as a complete individual. The body feeling so surprised because it does not know how to accommodate its structural change and interprets it as an enjoyable physical pain that resonates the Presence of our Creator.

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Our Worlds

Our Worlds

This painting is about how our Great Spirit speaks to us.

The doves represent the Spirit which can be felt in each and within our worlds, being the will, intellectual, emotional and physical. Sensing our Spirit within, we have to explore our self and be aware of ‘our worlds’, we have to be moved by the movement of the Dove (Spirit). When we will accept the movement then we experience the paradise and balance which reside in us.

Mundus of Fire: Deep down we can feel a fire burning. A fire that starts expanding inside of us and if we let the combustion happen it opens up our first world in strange ways that we are not accustom to. The embers are always there waiting for something, at times, it seems they are off when we do not let it feel it. It needs a complement, our decision, to burn in its full manifestation. The white dove flying above flapping her long wings feeds the fire by moving the air to increase our Will.

Mundus of Air: Our thoughts are in the world of the wind, moving us, forming clouds sometimes it seems clear enough to hear its murmuring. Other times we feel them more intense and obscure that we can not grasp them because their movement is fast with strong winds that we become distracted. In the confusion, our random thoughts do not let us understand the decision that must be made. As a matter of fact, we start being aware of our splendor Great Spirit and permitting its movement to occur in a different approach aided by the guidance of its intellect messenger the Dove. The Dove of our wisdom directs the intensity of the wrong thoughts to unify them so we can purify our thoughts with our intellect and show us new goals.

Mundus of Water: With splendor the beautiful shining Dove makes its presence over the sea of our world of emotions. Our strong emotions that need to be balanced so as not let them dominate us but the other way around. Even though our emotions are so strong we can prevent being inundated by them. We can anticipate the event of our intense feeling by being well disposed to change the sea of our emotions. We can feel them drawing us as waves break on a reef and cause us a disastrous damage, but at an instant, we can pacifying them with the help of the Dove and the illumination of our internal Sun. We can dominate and put them in the precise movement of the waves. In that precise moment synchronize with the rest of our sea of emotions.

Mundus of Matter: Soaring over the great mountains the Dove flying ceaseless longing to conceive representation of our reason to be physically here. The grandeur Dove gives its constant light, abundant vitality and energizes us in the physical world to help us when darkness invades us. Showing us the reason of our existence that we have to unfold, to expand our world to know where and what the messenger Dove have for each of us. The Dove is giving us the light to our darkness to reach our equilibrium, being caress by our true self our Great Spirit.

Our Dove is the conscious which take us to experience through our movements of our innermost worlds. The touching of our four worlds we will know that we have been moved by our Spirit of Vitality needing to combine and expand our Will, Intellect, Emotion and Physical worlds to find our Spiritual Love, we will be in a paradisaical consciousness. When we feel the touch of our inner Dove, bright spirit of authenticity, we begin to see other realities which our mind can not comprehend because of its limitation. These realities are seen in an extended form of our Mundus giving emphasis to our Great Spirit of our inconstant and variable existence.

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These old, ruin, dull, ragged, deteriorated and torn underwear symbolizes our souls lacking love with ourselves. We do not want to perceive this, we cover our worn underwear with an elegant suit to give a wrong impression. The intrinsic value of the embellished suit is the necessity of finding equilibrium in our lives, in our sexuality, and love for us.

The clothes hanging on the clothesline depicts being engaged in unpleasant situations which are not for this valuable costume, that must be worn with self-confidence and not needing an approval of its own value. Whenever we decide not to feel superficially engaged and having the ability to free ourselves from the hook, the gate that supports the mass, that upholds the clothesline. Then we know how to disengage from the portal of poverty and conformism by liberating ourselves from insignificant circumstances without hesitation.

When we wear our elegant suit of fine appearance we can feel something is not genuine, inside and outside ourselves, something that is not comfortable with the fancy well-finished suit. Apparently the well-designed suit, made by us, with diverse threads to hide one’s distress. The clasp on the coat is to conceal the bitter embodiment of frustration and torment caused by not loving ourselves, using the ragged underwear.

In order for the elegant attire to be worn the proper underwear must be aligned, designed and measured with authenticity and sensible to the skin. Our own creation being sewn with stitches of profound love and threads with true colors. Where rules and decisions have to be right in the proper combination for us which are perfect to be in accordance with our Soul and life and move with an innate rhythmic balance.

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This painting is the expression of a process change in my conscious as caused by observing my emotions.

The rats are depicting the variety of complexes we have such as fear, greed, hate, anxiety, etc., growing in an occult place inside our body like in a basement as is depicted in the painting. The food the rats are eating in the basement represents our complexes taking our vitality and strength. The window allows tenuous light to enter the basement symbolizing the first calling of conscious.

Even though, we do not like to hear their bothersome noise, we do not want to be aware of our complexes, we ignore and let them develop into something else. Let us say, greediness brings fear if we do not accumulate more of what we want, fear brings anxiety and so on. By permitting that kind of noise to continue, we are not able to listen to the subtle murmur of our intuition which is trying to enlighten our complete being.

The figure shedding light onto the basement symbolizes the self-discovery, being conscious of its complexes. I would like to converse about being conscious of our complexes. We feel disturbing that something is not right inside of us, but we do not understand what it is. It is annoying that it is tearing and exhausting us. It comes from a place that is part of us. It makes an irritating noise but we like that noise which make us deaf because we do not want to know what is the noise. For instance, avarice steals a great amount of one’s vitality and we do not dare to see that to be avaricious is what is taking our food and is involved with fear resembling a gratification, believing that having more and more we will feel a sense of completeness and the fear that is a companion with avarice will again take more food from us. Is not it?

The tenuous light entering our conscious moving us to remove the obscuration of our well being. The first time its call implies if we do not listen completely to the irritating noise and go to the deepest place in us, our basement, it will degenerate into something worse, to fatten the rats. Doesn’t it?

As well as, we do not want to perceive and do not want to search inside one’s basement and understand what type of reality is taking our power and distorting it incessantly toward an insane place sensing complete anguish and resentment. Observing what is inside of that occult place in us, we can start letting go of the misery and feeling free of the terrible noise. There is a perpetual sparkle waiting for us to reflect its knowledge in us and restore us.