Our Bodies in Disharmony


The doors are the internal representation of our Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual bodies. The tree personifies nature where our soul take physical form to know and to be consciousness of ourselves. The windows give us a glimpse of our acts. The door to the right of the tree with two window panes present us an alternative to harmonize ourselves and tune within us and with nature.

The emotional door with the magenta color pane helps us see our self in disharmony. The intensity of the magenta color and the movement of our emotions makes us see how our emotional body moves if we do not have dominion over them. We can observe thru the pane our emotional actions and reactions which could lead us to have regrets.

Consequently, making our physical door, which has brown pane color, to act also in disharmony. We observe, examine through the pane, our physical body in action which tends to react negatively even though our body reacts slower then the emotional body this distorts the action of the physical body to move in wrong direction.

Furthermore, the gray color pane of the mental door will show us our mental body is opaque, germinating our thinking with dark and negative ideas. This will cause us not to think clearly and making us divert situations making it worse without permitting our Intelligence to act instead.

The door on the right side of the tree is our Spiritual body, when we notice that our spiritual body is not in symmetry with our the rest of our bodies affecting our emotions negatively, distorting our physical and mental states that we get accustom to being centered in gratifying our ego through our senses. Frequently becoming so immerse with feeling superior and unreachable to the good that we can do. Prohibiting us to see our Great Spirit.

The exuberant Tree in its supremacy narrating its environment with the repetition of its leaves and extending its zephyr into the trance. Stimulating with its natural quiet and delicate presence accomplishing the unification, symmetry and beautifully balanced process.

Being harmonious is seeing the beauty of the changing leaves of the Tree. Its immense nature, itself in surprising forms, colors, and textures which we can learn from the tree that we can also change unto the perfection in symmetry. The symmetry being everywhere in our surrounding trying to call our attention. Sometimes the subtle symmetry heard through the leaves which makes us turn back to feel the Spiritual realm, the spiritual door supported by the exuberant Tree.

Without resistance we can let nature take us toward the rhythmical of harmony. Making us feel part of it and interpreting its expression. Giving each one its perfect captivating symphony vibrating into exaltation to harmonize our doors through our windows. Harmonize ourselves with our Spiritual Being.

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